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Smart Posture Corrector

Smart Posture Corrector

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  • The high-precision sensor is located in the thoracic spine monitoring area of? ?? To develop the human back, which can effectively control the curvature of the spine and automatically remind you of good posture.
  • The posture correction wizard can show postural changes in real time. If the human spine deviates from the correct posture by 5-20 degrees, it vibrates until the correct posture is restored.
  • The posture correction wizard has a built-in high-precision motion sensor chip and an intelligent posture recognition algorithm to accurately capture posture movements in multiple scenes.
  • This product supports personalized adjustment, the reminder angle, vibration mode and delay time can all be adjusted to your own ideal mode according to your own habits.
  •  The device automatically records the wearing situation of the day, generates daily analysis reports and the proportion of bad posture and time, and develops good posture habits in 21 days. Our brand is GYUX, you can fully trust our products.



  • Brand: Hipee
  • Colour: International Version Adult Vitality Red
  • Model: P1
  • Whether cross-border export of special supply sources: Yes
  •  Deviation 5-20 degree intelligent reminder.
  • Bluetooth connection APP.
  • Personalized customization.
  • Professional posture correction course. Helps correct the wrong posture of the back and shoulders.
  • Interactive games for human computer.
  • Soft food grade silicone.
  • Innovative design, light and thin wear.
  • USB Type-C charging.


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